Download Your Own Speaker Cabinet Plans

Have you ever dreamed of building your own speaker cabinets? While it does require certain power tools and a degree of patience and skill, it really isn't all that hard.

And we are now making some great detailed plans available to you so you can try your hand at cabinet building!

Speaker Cabinet Plans Here

These plans include four different bass reflex or folded horn subwoofers especially built for LaVoce speakers.

They include a single 15" sub, a single 18" sub, a double 18" sub and the grand-daddy of them all, a 21" earth-shaker subwoofer cabinet.

The plans are detailed with dimensions and all the info you need to build your own sound system.

Also included on our site are some cabinet plans we received from Celestion featuring some of their economical pro audio speaker components.

These plans include a 12" 2-way system, a 15" 2-way system, and a single 15" bass relax subwoofer cabinet.

If you have never built a speaker cabinet before, you might …

Have You Discovered LaVoce Pro Audio Speakers?

While there are many well-known speaker brands commonly used in the United States by pro audio sound companies and musicians, there are many other large manufacturers that are seldom seen.

One of our favorites is LaVoce Pro Audio from Italy.

Lavoce Italiana is a dynamic and fast-growing company specializing in low frequency and high frequency transducer design and production for the pro audio market. It was founded in 2008 by Elettromedia (Italy), a world reference in aftermarket car audio, with its admired and multi-awarded brands Audison and Hertz.

LaVoce has built a fully integrated design and manufacturing facility for transducers which sets them apart in the Industry with a modern production facility that ensures the cost-effective edge and efficiency for pro audio speakers.

LaVoce makes some of the best components in the world today and are used in many major brands of speaker cabinets around the world. Their pro audio line, either neodymium or ferrite magnet equipped, can handl…